Performance Management for Managers & Team Leaders

Start date: TBC

Duration: 3x1.5 Hour Sessions

Location: Online

Cost: Free

Programme overview

Performance Management for Managers & Team Leaders


• The programme will provide essential skills to people managers to enable them to manage performance, increase levels of staff engagement and develop the potential within their teams.

• By dividing the training intervention into 3 “bite-sized” modules, delegates will remain engaged and also be given time to reflect on the application of the theory to their own situation. To ensure that the training is as relevant as possible, brief pre-session “assignments” will be sent out.

• Key ideas and suggestions for managing a team remotely will be built into the programme.

• This 3 x 90 min programme has the option to be extended to a 4th session specifically addressing courageous conversations with staff. How to effectively deliver developmental feedback to address under-performance and nip issues in the bud.

• A further option of a programme for staff members to be delivered co-currently can be arranged.

Target Audience:

Managers & Team Leaders who want to learn how to manage their team members more effectively.

Senior Managers who would like to equip their managers and supervisors with essential performance management skills. To gain clarity about ‘What’ management and staff are expected to deliver and the performance standards that are expected.

Organisations who would like to provide clarity, for management and staff, about their job roles and explain how these job roles fit within the overall organisation structure.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of the 3 x 90 min, remotely delivered sessions, delegates will have;

1. Gained a clear understanding about how effective performance management practice can drive performance and increase levels of engagement.

2. Learnt how to set quality performance objectives that can cascade organisational goals and plans to provide improved alignment.

3. Focused on the content needed in essential regular 1:1 sessions with team members to effectively provide clarity around what is expected and provide feedback on progress.






































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