Influencing Skills : Motivating Others Using N.L.P & Language Patterns

Start date: TBC

Duration: 3x1.5 hour Session

Location: Online

Cost: Free

Programme overview

• Time to reflect:
• What impact would improving the quality of even 15–20 % of your interactions have on your individual productivity?
• We are all experienced and have solid working relationships with our clients and co-workers, how can we improve further?

• In Shelle Rose Charvet’s book, Words that Change Minds: Mastering the Language of Influence, she describes how different people are motivated by a variety of factors. Words that Change Minds expands on a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) tool called Language and Behaviour Profile (LAB Profile) which was developed by Rodger Bailey.

• The intervention will introduce the N.L.P. linked concept of Motivational Traits. (Meta Programmes.) This can be used to:

• Discover the ways people unconsciously get motivated, process information and make decisions.
• Create rapport and credibility with anyone.
• Increase your impact in interpersonal communication, teamwork, and in mass communication.

• Using example profiles supplied, we will link theory around how people motivate themselves to change habits to the need to be flexible with the language used when promoting ideas and projects.

• By dividing the training intervention into 3 “bite-sized” modules, delegates will remain engaged and also be given time to reflect on the application of the Motivational Traits theory to individual clients and/or group presentations. To ensure that the training is as relevant as possible, brief pre-session “reflective assignments” will be sent out.































Target Audience:

Individuals interested in being able to “sell” their ideas and suggestions to others effectively.

Managers & Team Leaders who are willing to support their team members to develop new skills and approaches when working with others.

Team members who would like to benefit from being better able to work with each other.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of the 3 x 90 min, remotely delivered sessions, the team will have;

  1. Described individually, what they believe makes the difference between a “great” communication and an “average” communication with a client or co-worker. (Prior to the 1st session, team members will be asked to reflect and be ready to comment on specific examples from recent interactions. In addition, several you-tube video links will be sent out as pre-work.)
  2. Examined the N.L.P. concept of Motivational Traits (Meta Programmes) and its relevance to the ability to influence others.
  3. Specially, the team members will be asked to reflect on individual clients and co-workers who don’t always seem to easily buy into projects and ideas. How could this N.L.P. concept be applied to build stronger rapport, ask questions that will have positive impact and ultimately motivate them to “get on-board”?
  4. During the final session we will ask team members to come with 1 – 2 client profiles that can be discussed as a group. The resulting suggested approach can be noted down by the appropriate team member ready for the next time they meet them!

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