Masterclass in Bar Counting for PA’s & BCO’s

Start date: 19 November 2018

Duration: 3 Days

Location: An Chuasnóg, Spiddal, Co. Galway

Cost: €500

Programme overview

This 3 day Masterclass is designed and tailored primarily for BCO/PA’s, to graduate to a full TV Music Production skill set, namely being able to: A) Competently prepare music breakdowns, B) Create a Director's music script C) Call bars & beats in a TV Gallery on music shows.

Course Overview

Music Rhythms, Bars and Beats, and Style    Interpretation. Music Genres. Why TV Music needs scripted breakdowns.

Music Bar Counts & Breakdowns – Getting them on paper and PC, Laptop or Tablet. Setting up your workflow practice.

Exercises and Tests on Script prep for TV.

Exercises and Tests on Script prep.

Practical Session.

Wrap course and graduate.

Practical Skillset Points

By course end, each participant will produce 5 complete song and instrumental breakdowns, and Shot Call one of these songs on a Live TV Studio Exercise.

This comprehensive course includes material on understanding music styles and common rhythms, the Anatomy of Popular Song Construction, Music Terms and Shortcuts to TV scripting, with a look at how music is covered worldwide on film and television today.


The course is based on Director Bob Corkey’s over 25 years of industry experience of music production for RTE, TG4, TV3, BBC, and music gigs in France, Australia and the US. (music credits on Linked In, etc) Training will consist of AV presentation, Music theory lessons with major emphasis on practical bar counting exercises, explained through live music demos on Piano, Guitar and Digital Drum machine. We will see many of my previously produced and scripted TV Music performances from archive to my latest projects. Every progression point is explained with a relevant photo image or video clip.

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